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July 20, 2017  •  10 Comments

One thing I can't resist as a portrait photographer is a unique prop! Recently, I stumbled on a giant teddy bear at a thrift shop, and they let me have it for $5 (honestly, I think they were glad to be rid of it because it does take up a lot of space, and I was happy to take it off their hands.) It immediately set my imagination running wild with ideas for fun portrait sessions.

I got the opportunity to create some of those ideas this weekend with Memphis, the most awesomely cool little girl. I decided I wanted to do a series that can be made into an album. Memphis was a great little sport as I dragged her from park to park to create a variety of shots with bear and many of my vintage props that I have collected over time.

Memphis had a hard time balancing on one foot on the step stool while holding bear's hand to get this shot, but she was a trooper (and she got to take the balloon home, of course!)


Memphis was full of giggles and conversation all day, and it really comes through in the images! She said it was hard to pretend to read a blank book, but she did a great job!


She had never seen a vintage camera like this before, and didn't know how to hold it, but she had fun with it once I showed her. She thought it was fun pretending to take selfies with it, and liked making silly faces!

Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_03Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_03 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_04Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_04 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_05Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_05

Her dad was nervous to have her hop up on this rock for this pose, but she was fearless!


Usually, rain is the last thing you want during an outdoor shoot, but for this pose, I was actually hoping for a sprinkle, and it actually gave us a few drops that landed on the umbrella (though I had to add more digitally).


For the tea party scene, I spent a lot of time putting together a mismatched tea set one piece at a time from various vintage shops. Memphis loved playing with it. She helped set the table for this scene and for some reason was determined to place the spoons upside down next to the cups! She enjoyed eating the cookies, and got to take them home, too!

Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_08Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_08 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_09Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_09 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_10Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_10 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_11Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_11 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_12Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_12

Because it's summer in Florida (aka miserably hot), having actual ice cream would have been a disaster, so Memphis had to hold empty ice cream cones for this shot, and I added the ice cream digitally. She said she actually likes the cones best anyway (I told you she was a good sport!)


And of course we had to blow bubbles, too, while bear was taking it easy in the background.

Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_13Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_13 Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_14Central_Florida_Childrens_Portraits_14


My favorite shot of the day, if I have to pick one. By this time, we were all pretty tired, but it was a great shoot. And my favorite moment was when Memphis looked at me and said, "This was a really fun day!" What an awesome kid. Oh, and she named the bear Gerald. :)


If you are looking for a Central Florida portrait photographer, feel free to contact me here for more information. I would love to create your next unforgettable family portraits.


What an amazing an idea for a shoot! Absolutely love it!
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So cute! Love it!
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