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Central Florida Portrait Photographer | Bridal Beauty

June 30, 2017  •  7 Comments

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to use my passion as a portrait photographer to collaborate with a few Central Florida businesses on a promotional photo shoot. Working with Rock Gorgeous Hair (Orlando), the event venues The Abbey and The Mezz, and the bridal salon One and Only Bridal Boutique, we wanted to showcase the services we all have to offer a bride for her special day.

We worked with three lovely models, and I spent the day capturing everything from hair and makeup to the final shoot.

Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_04Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_04 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_05Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_05 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_06Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_06 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_08Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_08 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_09Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_09 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_10Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_10

It was a long day for all, but everyone had such a wonderful time collaborating, and the final images were worth the effort. The ladies looked amazing, which made my job easy!

Central_Florida_Photographer_7Central_Florida_Photographer_7 Central_Florida_Photographer_8Central_Florida_Photographer_8 Central_Florida_Photographer_10Central_Florida_Photographer_10 Central_Florida_Photographer_11Central_Florida_Photographer_11 Central_Florida_Photographer_12Central_Florida_Photographer_12 Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_03Central_Florida_Bridal_Photographer_03

If you are looking for a Central Florida portrait photographer, feel free to contact me here for more information. I would love to create your next unforgettable family portraits.



What a fabulous blog great use of other professionals and quality photos
These are absolutely gorgeous images!
These images are all so beautiful
Such beautiful images! I love the connection I feel with the subject! Awesome work!
Great images of some amazing services! And that location is amazing! Beautiful work!
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