Central Florida Portrait Photographer | Finding New Locations

June 02, 2017  •  3 Comments

As a Central Florida portrait photographer who shoots on location, one of the most exciting things is finding fresh new places to shoot. We have an abundance of beautiful parks and natural areas (hello beach!), but I am always looking for someplace new to keep me on my toes and give my clients a unique experience. I certainly found that this weekend when I had the pleasure of photographing this family at Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue Center in Clermont, Florida. This wonderful non-profit organization is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned, injured or surrendered horses. They were so friendly and kindly allowed us to do a photo shoot at their facility with their beautiful animals.

Sonny the horse was very curious about his little visitor!

We were lucky to get to spend time with one of the rescue's residents named Decco, a beautiful Paint horse. He was so mellow and patient with us, and let us give him lots of pats throughout the session.

Decco was such a wonderful animal, and he let me create his portrait, too!

This was such a fun day, and I hope to return in the future. If you are looking for a Central Florida family photographer, feel free to contact me here for more information. I would love to create your next unforgettable family portraits.



What a lovely session! I love how you incorporated the horses - so stunning!
What a great place for a photo shoot!!
Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more sessions at this location!
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