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June 22, 2017  •  14 Comments

One of my favorite things as a Central Florida portrait photographer is when everything falls into place just right and allows me to create special portraits for a family that they may not have otherwise had. This lovely family wanted some portraits together, but mom and baby had to leave for home later that day. The only time we could do it was high noon - not the best time to shoot, especially in the Florida heat. I initially hoped to find a location close to them to make it easier given their limited time together. Unfortunately, the only place I found nearby turned out to be, let's just say, not as nice as it looked in the photos online. So I had to think on my feet! I remembered a small park a little further away where I have visited many times but never photographed there before. So we loaded up the cars and headed over.

By the time we got there, little Bella had fallen asleep. Seeing an opportunity for some lovely mother and baby shots before she woke up, I asked Mary to stand beneath a beautiful flowering tree at the edge of the path.


Bella awoke soon after, so I was thrilled to capture this perfect little quiet moment.


I have to say, this baby is so loved by everyone, and I was so honored to be able to capture this in these images! Her aunt Sarah can always make Bella smile!


Bella's grandmother DJ is head over heels in love with her!





I was a little concerned that because of the heat and the long car ride baby might be a little fussy, but I needn't have worried. She was so happy and smiling throughout. I couldn't click my shutter quickly enough to catch all of her expressions!



On shoots I always make sure to bring a couple of carefully chosen chairs and other small props for variety so we aren't limited to park benches or the ground. This worked beautifully on this day.










It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph this sweet baby and her family! I consider it a privilege that I could create some treasured family memories for them.

If you are looking for a Central Florida family photographer, feel free to contact me here for more information. I would love to create your next unforgettable family portraits.


Such wonderful images! The family will always treasure this!
So beautiful! What a gorgeous little family and a darling baby. Beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime
Beautiful images and well written blog
Such a sweet session! I especially love the one of mom and baby looking at the camera. Well done overcoming the noon session!!
Looks like the location worked out in your favor. It's lovely.
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